Animations and 3d Models

2023 Animation Demo Reel

The Glenohumeral Joint

Medium: Horos, Pixologic ZBrush, Uploaded to Sketchfab

Objective: To serve as an effective, portable, and interactive multimedia educational resource for first-year medical students studying the musculoskeletal anatomy of the shoulder joint.

Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency

Medium: Maxon Cinema4D, Redshift, Adobe After Effects

Objective: To depict for an audience of medical students the pathogenesis of hemolytic anemia resulting from a defect in normal erythrocyte enzymatic functions.

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Structure and Function of Respiratory Cilia

Medium: Maxon Cinema4D, Redshift, Adobe After Effects

Objective: To effectively disseminate basic micro-anatomy and physiology of respiratory cilia with a didactic and aquatic theme for an audience of some scientific persuasion.

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The O-T (Plasty) Wound Repair Procedure

Medium: Adobe Animate

Objective: To effectively depict for a surgical resident audience the use of the O-T (Plasty) Wound Repair Procedure to excise and repair a defect above the eyebrow.

The Human Mandible

Medium: Maxon Cinema4D, Redshift

Objective: To realistically convey accurate proportions, anatomical landmarks, surface detail, lighting, and material accuracy of a human skeletal specimen entirely within the sculpting and procedural material capabilities of Cinema4D and Redshift.